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The Original Bubby Baby Bottle Holder Since 1995

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The Original Hands-Free Bubby Baby Bottle Holder
Since 1995

You and Your Baby Will Love Bubby!

Use Anytime, Anywhere!

An amazing, hands-free baby bottle holder made in Arcadia, CA Making infant feeding much easier in Arcadia, CA Baby Boy With Blue Baby Bottle Holder

Bottle tips away when baby releases the nipple.
Fits any bottle!

Safe baby feeding in Arcadia, CA

Formula feeding made easy in Arcadia, CA

Teaches baby how to hold the bottle!

Baby in Stroller

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• Feed your baby with both hands-free
• The bottle tips away when baby release nipple
• Non-toxic, safe and easy to clean
• Adjustable, to different positions for babies comfort
• Expands to fit all baby bottles
• Bubby clip attaches to car seat, stroller, or you
• Keeps bottle within reach so no more dropped or thrown bottles
• Tested, fully meets Federal Regulation and ASTM Standards

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A Safe, Hands-Free Baby Bottle Holder

The patented Bubby Baby Bottle Holder is uniquely designed with safety and comfort in mind. It is placed towards the top of the bottle, so it tips away automatically when the baby releases the nipple. It gives you the freedom to feed and nurture your baby hands-free. It can be used anytime and anywhere--in restaurants while you eat, in the car seat while traveling, or in a stroller. It’s so convenient it allows parents the flexibility to feed their baby and handle other duties while watching over their child.

The soft, lightweight yet durable material helps with the baby’s coordination to teach the baby how to hold the bottle for themselves. The "Bubby Clip” is attached to prevent the bottle from dropping to the floor to stay clean while keeping the bottle within baby’s reach...even if they try to throw it! Contact us in Arcadia, California, today for more information on our amazing baby feeder.

Bubby! It’s great for twins too! You and your baby are sure to love it!

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Baby Bottle Holder

Find out how Bubby Bottle Holder can simplify your life.
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The Bubby is So Convenient
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Our Mission Statement

Blue Bubby Bottle Holder

Bubby Baby Bottle Holder was invented by a single father. The inspiration behind it are his two sons. One night, while carrying his baby in left arm, feeding him with a bottle with the other hand, and at the same time balancing to open the refrigerator door with his right foot in an effort to get chocolate milk for his 4 year old son at his side,
he thought, “there’s gotta be an easier way!”

This is how "Bubby Baby Bottle Holder" was created! In an effort to provide a simple and practical way for families to care for their young ones, Bubby offers the hands-free bottle holder that allows parents to cuddle and bond with their baby during feeding time.

Especially great for twins!

Hands-Free Bottle Holder

Bubby Baby Bottle Holder
Automatically Tilts Away
When Baby Releases Nipple

Eat While You Feed

4 Fun Colors Available

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Blue Bubby Bottle Holder Pink Bubby Bottle Holder Green Bubby Bottle Holder Yellow Bubby Bottle Holder


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